Week Four

Reading: Bhanu Kapil, Humanimal: 

 Intro; Humanimal 1, “Humanimal 2” (items 9-29) Read to page 34. .

Journal 4 link to prompt and link to Blackboard journals where you will submit the assignment

Text on Orientalism from Buddhism in America 

Poetry analysis handout again. Choose a poem from Humanimal, or Blood Dazzler and perform an analysis using the poetry analysis handout. Your journal assignment is to produce notes for a possible essay. That is, complete the steps in the handout, and write in complete sentences, but you are not required to choose a thesis. Do complete the steps, including step 8, and list 2-3 possible thesis statements. Turn in your poetry analysis here. If you have struggled with this, do not worry. I will post more information on Week 5 and you can write your analysis after that.

Tutorial on Reading Contemporary Poetry (form assignment has been replaced by Journal)

UPDATE: I’m having technical difficulties uploading the videos for this presentation on reading contemporary poetry. See the presentation for Week Five.

Link for British imperialism in India timeline (refer to after watching part II of the presentation above)

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